ISO 26514:2008: a useful standard?

On 17 May 2014 I presented a paper at ISDOC 2014 in Lisbon, discussing the ISO standard for software documentation.

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Academic Publications

My PhD (supervisor: Gerrit van der Veer) is coming along nicely. Here is an overview of published papers, often with downloadable PDF:

Information Flow

No English translation is available for this article.

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YouTube is full of clips about Helpdesks and see-how-stupid-they-are end users. This one, eavesdropping on the introduction of the bound book, is different. The difference is, this one is really funny!


Documentation of complex software: presentation in Finland

On October 19th 2009 I gave a presentation in Tampere (Finland). Fortunately one of the working languages was English!

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Standards for Software Documentation

This is a short list of international standards for software documentation that we find useful.

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Statistics for Research Design

While musing about the details of the design of an experiment, I came across a website where Colin Robson's classic Experiment, Design and Statistics in Psychology (3rd edition) can be downloaded.

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