All the things that we could not find another place for yet really wanted to share, are put in this section.

ISO 26514:2008: a useful standard?

On 17 May 2014 I presented a paper at ISDOC 2014 in Lisbon, discussing the ISO standard for software documentation.

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Information Flow

No English translation is available for this article.

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Academic Publications

My PhD (supervisor: Gerrit van der Veer) is coming along nicely. Here is an overview of published papers, often with downloadable PDF:


YouTube is full of clips about Helpdesks and see-how-stupid-they-are end users. This one, eavesdropping on the introduction of the bound book, is different. The difference is, this one is really funny!


Documentation of complex software: presentation in Finland

On October 19th 2009 I gave a presentation in Tampere (Finland). Fortunately one of the working languages was English!

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Statistics for Research Design

While musing about the details of the design of an experiment, I came across a website where Colin Robson's classic Experiment, Design and Statistics in Psychology (3rd edition) can be downloaded.

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Standards for Software Documentation

This is a short list of international standards for software documentation that we find useful.

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Searchable PDFs

A magazine asked us to write a two-page article, in Dutch, on creating PDFs that are easily searchable.

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Codex Toolbox

Some years ago we developed an extremely cost-effective way for a small publishing house to publish their print products on CD Rom. That client has since decided to publish on the Internet rather than on CD Rom, but the project is still one I'm rather proud of.

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PDF & Perl

PDF is well defined and essentially text-based. If you understand the PDF format, then you can work with the content of PDF files in almost any language. I like to use Perl for manipulating and modifying PDF files outside Acrobat, and to this end have developed a Perl module that is constantly being expanded.

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