PDFLinks: Hyperlinked PDFs from Hyperlinked Word Docs

PDFLinks works with Acrobat Distiller or GhostScript to create PDFs from Word, where all hyperlinks are preserved. PDFLinks is particularly useful when converting collections of hyperlinked Word documents to PDF.


Our free PDFLinks program is based on the PDFLinks Library. This is a set of VBA routines allowing programmers to build Word applications with PDFLinks-like functionality, to handle specific Word-to-PDF conversion problems.We have used the library to build customized solutions including:

  • A version of PDFLinks that works with Hebrew text and includes in each document the bookmarks for the whole document set, so that no matter where you are, the navigation pane always shows a clickable index to the other documents.
  • A non-interactive version of PDFLinks to be incorporated into an automated workflow, and with a few extra features such as watermarking.
  • A version of PDFLinks to work with PDF generators other than Distiller and GhostScript.

Building such a specific solution using the PDFLinks Library typically takes one or two days. The projects mentioned above are ones we carried out for clients. If you want to develop a customized version for your own needs then you can buy PDFLinks Library.

The PDFLinks Library is a collection of routines to be called from Word VBA, for a VBA programmer to build custom-made Word-ro-PDF solution. The Library comes with extensive documentation, and can be extended by us to meet your specific requirements. The PDFLinks Library:

  • can be used with Word 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007);
  • can be incorporated into a wider workflow;
  • can be used with PDF generators other than Adobe Distiller;
  • has a facility for using your own language in dialogs and messages;
  • creates PDFMark.

Download the PDFLinks Library documentation