W2ml: Word to XML Converter

W2ml is a simple yet useful tool to convert the contents of a Word document to a generic XML format. The XML produced is valid against a fixed DTD and can be transformed, for example with XSLT, to meet any requirements.

Our starting point was that not everything in a Word document is worth preserving in XML. For example, page headers and footers are meaningless in a non-page-based context and are dropped. As a consequence, round-tripping from Word to XML to Word is not offered.

Requirements: To use W2ml, you need only Word. To make any real use of the output you will also need an XSLT processor to transform it to XML that is valid against your own DTD or schema.

The ZIP archive contains:

  • the W2ml program in a protected Word template;
  • the documentation;
  • the generic DTD;
  • some entity files;
  • a test document in Word format and after conversion.

Download W2ml

It is not our intention to develop W2ml any further, nor to offer customized solutions. If you are interested in using any of the code then contact us.