Acrobat Programming Tutorial

This tutorial looks at how buttons and other fields can be used in a PDF. In particular it describes how they can be created and changed by using JavaScript to make more interesting and useful PDF documents.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat (5 or later) and some knowledge of (or at least no fear of) JavaScript.

In two papers we show how professional effects can be achieved with little effort and without having to go outside the Acrobat environment. We describe adding a menu bar, fixed or variable text (such as page numbers), or a watermark to each page in a PDF document. We also look at adding other visual effects.

Download the tutorial 'Using JavaScript to apply templates to a PDF File'

Download the tutorial 'Using JavaScript to add fields to a PDF File'

If you want to try things out for yourself, download the ZIP archive. This contains the two papers and all the supplementary files, such as any Word documents used to create PDFs from, and text files containing all the JavaScript. All you need do is copy and paste the code.

Download the ZIP containing both tutorials