Placing a Scanned Image on a PDF

An in-house request was, "Can you think of a way for me to add my signature to a PDF and position it where I want it?". This script can place any image (which could be a scanned signature) in a PDF and let you position it where you want.

The download below is a so-called "batch sequence". Batch sequences offer an easy way of carrying out a series of actions on PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat. They are stored in separate text files with the extension .sequ. The Help in your version of Acrobat tells you where they should be copied to and how to run them.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat (Acrobat Reader is not sufficient).

Before you can use this batch sequence, you first need to create a separate PDF containing the image that you want to use, suitably cropped. (If you make that password-protected, then the password is prompted for each time.) If your image is contained in c:\imgstamp.pdf then the batch sequence runs as it is. If the PDF containing your image has a different name or is placed anywhere other than in the root of your C:\ drive, you must edit the batch sequence and change the last line of the script accordingly.

When you run the batch sequence, your image is placed in the bottom left corner of the PDF you were working with. Click on the Forms tool to scale and position it as you want. The image is a "button" that has no actions attached to it.

Download a batch sequence to place a scanned image in a PDF