Extracting the First Page from a Collection of PDF Files

Is there a way, it was asked on a mailing list, to extract the first page from each PDF in a collection of over 10,000 files and write it to a separate file? If ever you find yourself in such a position then try this solution.

The download below is a so-called "batch sequence". Batch sequences offer an easy way of carrying out a series of actions on PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat. They are stored in separate text files with the extension .sequ. The Help in your version of Acrobat tells you where they should be copied to and how to run them.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat (Acrobat Reader is not sufficient).

The batch sequence first prompts for the folder containing the files you wish to process. It then takes the first page from every document in that folder and writes it to a separate PDF file. The output files are named such that the first page from, for example, myfile.pdf is saved in myfile_P1.pdf.

Download a batch sequence to extract the first page from a collection of PDFs