Checklist “Knowledge and Information”

This checklist helps you think about the situation when not all of the knowledge that is present, is immediately available to the right people at the right time.

People aspects

  • Are people finding that their work is made more difficult by the lack of access to certain types of information?
    • Does this trouble them enough to want to do something about it?
    • Does it trouble you enough to want to do something about it?
  • Which parties are involved?
    • What is important to them?
    • How would they react to the idea that a problem has been identified and a solution is being looked for?
    • Would they cooperate in reaching a solution?
  • Is there any reason why people could be reluctant to share information?

Information aspects

  • Is the underlying knowledge present somewhere in the organization, even if not available where and when required?
  • Have you made an inventory of the types of information that are present?
  • Do you have an idea as to what sort of information is missing?
    • Are there any "blanks" in the information supply?

Infrastructure aspects

  • Have you looked into document management systems? Content management systems? Procedures for sharing knowledge?
  • Have you implemented any such system?
    • Did it do what you expected it to do?
    • Did it do what you hoped it would do?
  • Have you thought about low-cost solutions to the problem?
  • When thinking about a solution, do you focus
    • on software solutions?
    • on procedural solutions?
    • on solutions to do with (more) documentation?