Checklist “Helping Users of Software”

Deze checklist helpt u nadenken over de situatie als mensen niet optimaal omgaan met software.

User Support

  • The product and its users:
    • What does the software do?
    • Who are the users?
    • What do they already know and what are their capabilities?
    • Does the product relate to the users' current experiences?
    • Does the product have a steep or shallow learning curve?
    • What sorts of question do the users typically have?
  • The development process:
    • Are changes expected in the short term?
    • Are updates expected in the future? How frequently?
  • Technical issues:
    • What platform does the software run on?
  • Organizational issues:
    • Is there a preference for a particular type of support? If so, what is the reason behind that preference?
    • What should the support, be it documentation or something else, achieve?
  • People issues:
    • What can your own people do?
    • Would there be side-effects to involving your own people as much as possible? Would these be beneficial or not?
  • How important are the following factors, and why:
    • Maintainability?
    • Value for marketing purposes?
    • Factual accuracy and completeness?
    • Userfriendliness?