From Excel data to PDF documents: the Case of the Automotive Analysts

Every month, a company of automotive industry analysts sent out a number of reports in a fixed format. Producing these was a time and labour-intensive process. After conversion from Excel to PDF, standard text elements were inserted into the file. Finally , hyperlinks and navigation features were added by hand. They found the time and effort involved in all this more than they could bear.

What was achieved


A routine was written to remove all the error-prone and RSI-inducing work from the process. As before, information is taken from Excel and presented in PDF. This now takes a few seconds, through the famous press of a button: standard text, hyperlinks and navigation buttons are added automatically.

What it took


Getting to the bottom the problem took one session. Then we could automate the process. Some straightforward instruction ensured that simple changes to the routine can be made by the client without involving us.